Monday, November 9, 2015

 Well, after near 500 miles of traveling and about 3 days worth of meetings, the excitement has all died down again to rest a little more back into the normal missionary schedule.            
 Anyways, on Friday we were  able to hear from Elder Nielson of the Quorum of the 70. That was pretty cool. He spoke a lot on missionary work and how in the missionary department of the church, they have seen what is most effective. So that really helped get a lot of us missionaries energized and ready to work! Then we had stake conference Saturday
night and Sunday morning. So, the meeting on Friday we spent near 8-9 driving there and back, and also near 4 hours each, there and back for both the Saturday meeting and Sunday meeting. So a whopping total of near 16 hours spent in a car over the past few days. Sheesh. It was still a blast though. I learned a ton and can't wait to apply it into
missionary work!
 But, before all of that, we happened to find some Alpacas, explored a graveyard a little, and also took pictures of a beach when we were in the area! So the week was pretty adventurous! Hope everyone has a good week! The church is true everyone! I know it! Talk to you all next week!

And still a goofball....

 Hey everyone! How was Halloween? Ours was spent by cleaning the apartment! It was better than expected!  Just a quick email today with some pictures of the adventures here in Machias! Have a great week everyone! I know Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that the Book of Mormon is true! Also the lighthouse is in Canada! We got super close again!

 It just keeps getting faster. This is all so weird. So, this week was pretty interesting. But before I get into at, how was your week? Anything new and exciting? Anything awesome coming up? Hope all is well!
  Now, my week has been interesting because,
1. We went on exchange, so I was working here in my area with an elder from another area, and while on exchange, we got a new investigator, he had some interesting views that didn't really agree with what the church had stated so we had to drop him because he wasn't willing to change.
2. We just had Zone Interviews, where we have a one on one interview with Pres. Stoker, that was pretty fun.
3. We spoke at church, without realizing we were the speakers, so that was fun. One of the branch presidency members asked us if we had our talks ready for Sunday, on Friday, and we thought he was joking so didn't pay any heed to it. Then come Sunday morning as we are preparing the sacrament, and he comes in again and asks us who is going first. We were still unsure if he was joking or not. So we scrambled to piece together some talks, which turned out better than we had expected and the congregation actually liked them!
  Other than that it's been a good week! I know the church is true! Our leaders are inspired from God, they are still human and make mistakes, but I know they are called of God. Have an awesome week everyone!

Elder Adams