Tuesday, December 1, 2015

 Hello Everyone! How was your week? Mine was good, it just flew by. I mean like holy cow. There is an awesome new Christmas video out that I would urge everyone to watch, it is so cool! #ASaviorIsBorn, I love this video! I can't express how much I love it, I just know that the message it contains is true! 
 My week has been good, Thanksgiving was fun. We had two meal appointments, and unlike last year, I decided to pace myself and not just gorge. So, that all went well. I wasn't bursting at the seams like I was last year, so that was definitely an improvement! Also, we are low on miles, so we've been walking around a lot, so I'm sure that has helped keep my metabolism moving enough to be able to handle large amounts of food like that! This week, well, remember how I said there was snow? Yeah, not anymore. It is all gone now. The snow lasted for a few days and then disappeared. It is still cold, like in the 20s and maybe 30s, but no snow. Very odd for this time of year! Anyways, I know this church is true, I know that it is Christ's church here on the Earth! I know our Savior was born so that we can live. I know he loves us and watches over us no matter where we are, or where we have been. I love this time of year and being able to reflect on the mission of Jesus Christ, a few of you told me that I would love the Holidays on my mission, not only because of the opportunity coming up to Skype home, but also the just overwhelming amount of love and giving that we all display. I know that as we serve others, we'll be able to feel of God's love for them, and for us. Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Adams 

 Yup. Snow is here! Woke up this morning to a nice layer of snow out here in Dover-Foxcroft Maine! Woah! As far north in the NHMM as I can go! I'm super excited! This week was good! How was yours?
 We had some awesome stuff happen this week, we stacked hay bales on Tuesday, my first day here, while at a horse farm! That was awesome! Followed by a week of tracting and finding, but also with some amazing lessons with investigators and less actives. 

 I'm super excited for winter, and also the fact that every once and a while the missionaries
go to help a member milk his 150+ dairy cows. I think I spent a little too much time with my trainer, cows are awesome. 

 Anyways, that's all I can think of have an awesome week everyone! I know this church is
true, and that the Book of Mormon will bring us closer to God and to Christ if we study and live the principles taught in it!

 Well, I'm moving on from Machias! I've been called to serve as a district leader, so I'll teach and help out the elders and sisters in a certain area here in the mission. This should be interesting!
 Other than that, how has your week been? Anything cool or exciting? I'm doing well, and can't wait for this next transfer! The week has just flown by, first we had some awesome service at a less active members house. They have about eight pigs, one that is 200+ pounds! My companion had a dream about a pig that size a few weeks ago, then we found it! Haha! Then we had an exchange with the zone leaders, and that just all flew by.        

 We met with several less active members this week, and we taught them all the message of the Restoration. It was way awesome seeing them reinvigorated by that message. The spirit was always so strong in those lessons. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of
God, and I know that the Book of Mormon is true. God is our loving Heavenly Father and cares about each and every one of us. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that these things are true. Jesus Christ lives and he is our Savior!
 Have a wonderful week everyone!