Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Picture overload... These are all the pictures Elder Adams sent home from the mission wide conference they had. He found all of his companions that are still out on their missions! Enjoy...

 Elder Poe
 Current companion Elder Wattenburger
 Elder Strong
 Elder Hill
 Elder Wallentine
 Elder Reed
Elder Lytle
 Elder Byers
 Elder Owens and Elder Cobb

Well, this week was pretty awesome. On Saturday we had a mission wide conference. We had the opportunity to learn and be taught by Elder Bragg of the 70, and Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Woah! It was incredible to learn and be taught almost literally at the feet of an Apostle! It was so cool, and on top of that I was able to see all of my past companions that are still out! It was like a mission reunion, woah!
On top of that, everything is green and we have some awesome views in our area! Man, this has been a great week! Thank you for all your prayers, I can definitely feel their support!
How was your week? Anything cool?
I feel like some stuff is finally clicking in my head, and I keep thinking, 'Why didn't it click earlier?' This is so helpful now! But one of the things just clicked for me, is that we learn precept upon precept. Heavenly Father loves us and will help us grow at a pace that we can handle and that He needs us to. It's pretty awesome. God has his hand in every part of our lives, even if we don't believe it or feel He is there or cares about us. Or we feel He hasn't been there when we needed Him, any of those things, He is there, and He loves us. He helps us no matter what. I know it.
 Have a great week everyone! You're awesome!

 Well, my new companion is Elder Wattenburger. He's from Burbank Washington. Eastern side of Washington. The desert side. This past week has been way fun. 
 This week, I don't even know. It went by so fast, and there were loads of cool things! We've had several opportunities to do some service. That's always fun. We helped a lady move out of her house. That was fun. Missionaries like doing service. It's fun. 
 Anything cool happen this past week? Anything enormously fun?
 This Sunday we had our ward conference, so the Stake Presidency and other Stake leaders taught about the importance of meaningful Sabbath Day worship. It was pretty cool. The phrase that I think of when I try to think about church is, 'You get out what you put in.' Meaning that if you go looking to be bored, you'll be bored. If you go looking to be enlightened, you'll have something during the meetings on Sunday that'll stick out to you. I know that and I promise that!
 Have a great week!

 Happy Mother's Day everyone! I had a great Sunday doing that! How was your week? Anything cool or exciting happen? 

 We had an awesome Zone Meeting, all the missionaries in the zone got together and the Sister Training Leaders and us, the Zone Leaders, taught the missionaries. During that we were also having interviews with President Stoker. We're getting a new Mission President soon. It's pretty weird. Elder Poe is getting transferred, and I'm getting a new companion, Elder Wattenburger. He's a pretty awesome Elder. I've been on exchange with him before. This transfer should be a good one! 

 It's been fun this week. Lots of cool stuff coming up Elder Rasband  is coming to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission, and we are having a Mission Conference. That should be awesome! 

 I'm doing well, just so you know! Thanks for all the support! God loves us and is our literal Father in Heaven. If you ever need guidance or need someone to vent to or just need someone to help you, go to Him. Pray to him, He will answer your prayers, He will guide you. He loves you, I know it! Of this I promise and testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Adams

 So this week was awesome, we went back to somewhere I haven't been in a long time, the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial! That was awesome! We took a couple of investigators down there, and the Spirit felt there was so great. It was so peaceful. All the senior couples that
were there have ended their missions and gone home, so it was a bunch of bright smiling faces who had no idea that I had served there! Haha! It was way cool!
 Other than that, it was a normal missionary week! It was awesome, tomorrow I'll be 20. That's weird. We have interviews with our mission President on top of that! Pretty crazy! Here are some pictures! Have an awesome week, sorry this is short!
 I know the Book of Mormon is true, God loves us and sent His Son, Jesus Christ to perform the Atonement so that we could live forever with them! I know it! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Talk to you next week!
Elder Adams

 I was just looking at that, it seems like I'm not emailing very many people anymore. Whoops. If they notice I'm sure they'll tell my Mom and she'll let me know!
 Anything cool happen this week? For me this week just flew by. We Had an exchange with the Assistants to the President, that was a blast. We saw so many miracles. The Zone we cover has just seen so many miracles this week. Like holy cow, it's been incredible! My companion had a birthday and is now 20. He kept telling people that he's a score old. (Score is a non-numerical equivalent of twenty). We had some service and were at this house that we helped paint at and clean up a little, that was pretty cool. If you didn't know missionaries love to do service!
 I feel like I've done loads of stuff, I just either can't remember them when it comes time to email or write in my journal that night, or its just some of the same old stuff that isn't really exciting at all. I don't even know! Oh well.
 I feel like I've written over the course of my mission about experiences I've had and cool things that have happened, and I just don't have much left to write. I've been on my mission for a while.
Weird to think about, but it's true. I'll be 20 in May, and I'll be home in September. Seems like forever away, but it's really just around the corner. Pretty crazy how time goes right?
 I know God loves us and that He has sent His son Jesus Christ to set the example for us. I know the Savior of the World, loves each of us. His Gospel is once again on the Earth in its fullness! He wants each of us to partake of the blessings that He has in sort for us. All we
have to do is trust Him, follow what He has asked us to do, and live so that we can see His smiling face once more. I know He loves you. I know it! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Have a great week!