Tuesday, January 5, 2016

 Hey everyone! What's going on? I've had a pretty good week, transfers happened and nothing changed! Elder Byers is now my third two transfer companion! 
 This week has been great! We've been teaching a lot of lessons this week. We've not only
taught lessons to our investigators, but we've been teaching members the messages we share as well! Our new mission vision, or the goal we are working on this year, is to help the members invite their friends to hear the lessons in the homes of the members. So, to accomplish that we are teaching the members the lessons we have. And, holy cow, we've already seen miracles from that. Some incredibly spiritual lessons, and several new investigators! That's is amazing!

 I love serving here and this has been incredible. Our week has been crazy just running back and forth between appointments! It's been way fun! Have a great week everyone! I know this church is true and I love being able to serve as a missionary!

Elder Adams

 Hey everyone! What's going on this week? Anything exciting! Enjoying the snow? How was your Christmas? My Christmas was great! I got to skype with my family, and only cried a little.
 We did finally get snow up here, and it looks like this one is the one's that will stay. It's only around 20 degrees right now. Several people are excited, but most seem to be okay if the snow melts away!
 My week was good though! One of the best things this week was a lesson we taught to a couple of members after a meal appointment. We've started teaching some members
the discussions again, and it's been pretty awesome! With this one time we were teaching about Joseph Smith, and the First Vision. After explaining about the Great Apostasy and how Joseph Smith didn't know what church to join, and decided to pray and ask which Church was the right one, and I barely was able to say that Joseph Smith didn't expect or know what was going to happen, and I started crying. That's all I seem to do now. Is just cry. As I teach District Meetings, lessons, all the time. I became a District Leader, and they didn't
tell me that I was going to cry all the time. Oh well. It's spiritual definitely, but I'm such a boob now. It's just ridiculous. 

 Anyways, this Church is true, I know it! Joseph Smith was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true and is the key to knowing whether or not Joseph Smith is a prophet, or if the church is true! Have a great week!

Elder Adams

 Woah, it's almost Christmas? Wow! That's incredible! This year went by so fast! I'm sure everyone else felt that to! Couldn't be just me right?
 Well, this week flew by, of course. We did get some snow, but again that all melted away. White Christmas? Maybe in our dreams haha! Who knows though! Snow could come at any moment! How has your week been? Anything new or exciting? I feel I ask that question a lot. This week we, my companion and I gave a talk in sacrament, together. That was kinda weird really had to make sure the transitions were good. We talked at the same time and shared a message on the Spirit of Christmas! 

 We've of course done our missionary work and I've truly seen people open up more to a message about Christ at this time of year! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The church is true! Jesus Christ is our Savior and was born that we may live! Forever! I know it!
 Have a great week everyone and enjoy this time of year! Also, thank you for the Christmas wishes that I've received it means a lot!

Elder Adams

 Well, my week was good! How was yours? Anything new and exciting? Anything crazy?
I know I had a pretty full week! We spent time this week, not only in the Dover town, but a day in Manchester New Hampshire for a meeting, and a few days up in Greenville, which is north of Dover. We had a pretty good time up there. Crazy thing was, there was snow up in Greenville, only for a day or so after we got there. It melted when we were there, so maybe
the New Mexican blood in me is heating up this place! Haha! Who knows, we have had a quite odd winter for up here in Maine, by now there foot or two of snow! Nothing much else honestly, have. Merry Christmas everyone! Remember for the reason for the season! Have a great week!

Elder Adams
 Have I ever said that weeks and days just fly by? Holy Moly, I barely remember this week. It just was over! It was good! Definitely good. How was your week? Anything cool or exciting?
Mine was just a blur, I seem to keep reiterating that, we had several appointments throughout the week fall through, but we just replaced that time with finding, and even though we got poured on a couple times when we were out walking around or tracting, it was pretty fun. I can't even say I've had a boring day today. 

 We've specifically been using the Christmas video, and it's just so awesome, being able to
share that with others! Did anyone get to see the Christmas Devotional? That was pretty awesome!
 I don't have much else to say, but I would like to express my love for the Savior in the most straightforward way I can, HE LIVES. I know it, and I love him for it! Everyday, I wish I could be who he wants me to be, and I keep working on it. I wish I could help everyone I talk to
feel the same way for the Savior as I do now! He is always there, and will never leave us! He is there and loves us. Loves me, and loves you.
 Have an amazing week everyone!