Tuesday, January 5, 2016

 Have I ever said that weeks and days just fly by? Holy Moly, I barely remember this week. It just was over! It was good! Definitely good. How was your week? Anything cool or exciting?
Mine was just a blur, I seem to keep reiterating that, we had several appointments throughout the week fall through, but we just replaced that time with finding, and even though we got poured on a couple times when we were out walking around or tracting, it was pretty fun. I can't even say I've had a boring day today. 

 We've specifically been using the Christmas video, and it's just so awesome, being able to
share that with others! Did anyone get to see the Christmas Devotional? That was pretty awesome!
 I don't have much else to say, but I would like to express my love for the Savior in the most straightforward way I can, HE LIVES. I know it, and I love him for it! Everyday, I wish I could be who he wants me to be, and I keep working on it. I wish I could help everyone I talk to
feel the same way for the Savior as I do now! He is always there, and will never leave us! He is there and loves us. Loves me, and loves you.
 Have an amazing week everyone!

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