Sunday, August 7, 2016

Multiple things to start off with real quick.
1. I'm sending an email to basically all the contacts I have. Let's
see what happens.
2. I'm staying in Montpelier VT for my last transfer, but I'm getting
another new companion. That makes it four, in one area. This is crazy.
3. Nothing goes faster than a mission. Maybe.

  Anyways, holy cow. Transfers are happening again, and it looks like I'll be in Montpelier VT for the rest of my mission! Should be awesome! How was your week? Anything fun or exciting?
Two awesome things. One some investigators came to church, we invited them, they said maybe and then showed up! That was awesome! Also, my trainer came to church too! What! Elder Zilles, my very first companion who went home when he was down training me, came back! What! That was crazy!
  Had an awesome exchange this week, went up to the Lyndon area. That was awesome. Met a few of their investigators and recent converts and also had dinner at a members. That was fun. They had a chain mail shirt that he had made, and the missionaries wear it and take
pictures. So, so did I! I couldn't stop smiling, I was trying to be a calm and cool and collected, but it didn't work.
  Also! Last weekend, I got in a pool! My companion and I helped baptize a man who is an amputee and it was awesome. The weather outside was storming and it cleared up just around the pool and the area we were in for a little bit for the baptism. I didn't know a member was taking the picture so I wasn't looking, but still looks cool nonetheless!
  My week has been pretty awesome! Have a great week everyone!
Elder Adams

Sorry this is a quick one! I'm alive and loving it! Have a great week! Keep God at the front and everything will work out for good! He'll put everything where it needs to be and where it needs to go!
Elder Adams

 Hey everybody, how is everything going? I'm doing okay, we've been super busy with this past week. We had our MLC then our Zone Interviews, on top of that travel and several other things just making this week pretty packed. Nothing super exciting, except for my Mission President. He's always excited and ready to work. It's pretty awesome.
  Anything cool go on during your week? I've been having some fun here. We recently got back in contact with a few of our investigators and are now teaching them again! It's pretty awesome!
President Blair, during my interview with him, asked me to set a few goals for the remainder of my mission on things I want to accomplish. That's a steep task, because I'm horrible at setting personal goals. I've got loads to work on, but I don't know how to make those into something measurable that I can see progress in and then achieve. I know that if we go to God for direction He'll help us though. Sometimes it's hard to believe that, sometimes it's hard to believe that God is listening and wants to help us. Sometimes it's hard to believe that He is even there, but He is there and does want to help us. He knows what will be for our benefit. Even when it feels like the Heavens have shut and He isn't listening to your prayer, know that God is there. He is our Loving Heavenly Father. He'll never let anything go too far that He can't help us fix. You gain a testimony of a lot of things being on a mission. Because of experiences I've had, I know that God is there even if it doesn't feel like He is. He is just waiting for us to turn around sometimes. He is ever present and ready to guide us along the way. It's incredible what God can do! Nothing is beyond Him. I know that.
  Have a great week everyone!
Elder Adams
Here's a picture of the soccer players the morning of MLC!

 Nothing too adventurous to talk about this week. This upcoming week however we've got a lot going on. We have a MLC meeting with Pres. Blair, then exchanges (where we go with another set of Elders to help train and learn about Missionary Work), then Zone Interviews where the Missionaries by Zone meet with Pres. Blair and get a personal interview with him. Pretty busy.    We leave tonight to go down to Manchester to stay the night down there for MLC tomorrow.
  Anyways, I really don't have much to say! I'm alive, I'm working, everything is going upwards for me! Hope everything is good for you as well! I studied from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk entitled, "He Will Place You on His Shoulders and Carry You Home". It's a way cool talk. He testified that Obedience to the commandments of God isn't there to weigh us down, but it's there to lift us higher. God, He adds, making things Good. God is there to build us up. He lifts us higher than we can possibly imagine. All we have to do is trust Him. Believe that He is truly there, and that He truly will answer His promises. As long as we trust God, and all He has said, which is a hard feat, I understand, but God doesn't make anything impossible. When we trust Him, we'll be blessed beyond imagine. Just think of all the things in the universe; the numberless planets, the countless stars, the seemingly never ending Cosmos created by a Supreme Being. Of all these things, guess what matters most? His Children. Us. God cares most about us. In the midst of this infinite universe, God reaches down today to help you. He is always there, always willing to help. He loves you more than any of us can comprehend. Trust him. He'll always know what to do. We can start today, trust Him now. If you want to be happy in this life, start today by trusting God. He sent His Son to give us the way. Follow Him. You won't make it back going any other way. There is no other way nor means to return to Heavenly Father, only in and through the Atonement of His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that is true, if you can't feel God's Love for you today, Ask Him why. Ask Him if He is even there and decide for yourself how much He cares for you. I know He does. He'll always answers our prayers, our pleadings. When we cry when no one is around to see, God is there. He never looks at us with scoff or scorn or makes fun of us. He is there to love us. To let us know He is there. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Have a great week. Elder Adams
 We got a new Mission President. President Blair. He's awesome. I mean really, this guy has so much energy! It's way awesome! I can't wait to see where he takes the mission! It'll be great! So that was an awesome part of the week.
  What else happened this week? It's hard to remember that was the one of the coolest parts of the week, that and church. We had an awesome fast and testimony meeting. Also, several of the people we've been working with came to church! That was awesome!
  I feel like so much always happens, but I never remember when it comes to telling people about it! We've been well taken care of by the members here, also check out the car! It's a 1939 Buick, it was way awesome! Man, this is always great to be on a mission random stuff
happens all the time! 

 I know God lives, as John Wayne put it, "With Him life can be a beautiful experience. Without Him, well, you're just biding time." I know God loves us. He asks us to trust him. He'll give us everything we need to progress and make it back to him. I know it. In the name of His son, Jesus Christ, Amen.
  Have a great week everyone. Remember to put God at the top of the list, everything else will fall into place. He has a wonderful knack for making that happen.

So, this week was really fast and pretty awesome. It feels like the past two transfers have gone by in the blink of an eye. So, fast. Anyways, my week has been pretty good. Again, super fast, but it's been way good. How has your week been? Anything fun or adventurous?

This Sunday, yesterday, I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I was told it was good, so hopefully that's true! I talked about Follow Christ. I love the invitation he gave us. There is an amazing two minute video produced by the Church about it. Called Follow Him, I'll see if I can get some sort of link in here for it!

There it is! Copy that into your URL if you can! It's an awesome video! I know Jesus Christ loves us, and has given us his example to show us how to live a better life and return to our Father in Heaven. I know he offers peace, he offers understanding and love. All we have to do is Follow Him. Follow Him and he will show you a better way, no matter what. I know it! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Adams
Pictures sent from a wonderful member where Elder Adams is serving. We love surprise pictures!!! We love the members who are taking care of our missionary!!