Sunday, August 7, 2016

 I was going to type onto the last email I sent, but my keyboard on my screen randomly disappeared so I'm sending this by another email.
 My week was good! How was yours? Nothing too exciting, except for our only investigator is moving. So we're back at square one. Sounds good. We've been having a good time here and trying to work hard. We've been teaching a lot of members. It's been way awesome to hear their
testimonies and to share mine so much! I'm getting pretty tired though, is that something that just comes with age?
 We just finished playing basketball with a few members here and some of their friends. It was pretty fun. A lot of them know I play rugby, so they were calling out stuff when I'd pass the ball or dive for it. It's been fun! Anything adventurous coming up for you during the summer?
 I've been blessed with the opportunity to share my testimony with so many people. It's been awesome. I've learned so much, I've learned how the Holy Ghost speaks to me. I've seen some cool miracles and things click with people as I share the thoughts that the Holy Ghost gives
me. God is wonderful, did you know that? He loves us and gives us what we need to be successful in our lives. Jesus Christ paid for us. He gave his life for us. He gave everything for us. He knows what we go through, and he knows how to get through it. I know it. All we have to
do is trust him. And it's hard at times to trust him, but it's always worth it.
Have a great week everyone!

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