Sunday, August 7, 2016

 I don't really feel like that. I've been thinking about that this week, my head recognizes that it's been awhile, but still doesn't feel very long. Missions go by so fast. It's incredible.
 How are you? Anything cool going on? We had a meeting on Tuesday, we received training as leaders of the mission from President and Sister Stoker and the assistants to the Presidents. Now, this Tuesday (tomorrow) we have a Zone Conference and as a Zone Leader, I get to do some trainings and we also get another from President Stoker and his compatriots, this time for all the missionaries in the zones. It should be pretty awesome!
Oh, hey, yesterday we had the opportunity to go and give the sacrament to a member who is unable to come to church. We also gave him a blessing. The spirit absolutely filled that house. When we walked in, it felt so good, we have the sacrament and it felt better. We gave the blessing and oh man. It felt great. I love the Spirit! I love God! I love Jesus Christ! Feeling the Spirit, feeling Gods love is stronger than any drug. Stronger than anything you could ever
believe. The love God, our Heavenly Father, has for us is more than any of us can comprehend! I know that that's true. If you wonder if that is true or if He is even there, just ask. Pray and ask. I know, I know. God will answer that prayer. I promise as a representative of Jesus Christ that you'll feel closer to God just beginning your prayer. You'll feel Gods love just wrap around you. I know it, because I've felt it. He is there. That's a fact. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Have a great week everyone!
Elder Adams

So here's a picture of, the mission conference. See if you can find me. The other is some scenery at sunset. Also, the sun doesn't go down till about 8:30. That's pretty awesome.

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