Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey hey everyone!

Crazy! It has been 7 months already? There is no way!

The sun begins to heat up the New England area again! It was 70 degrees yesterday! I can't tell you how amazing that was! It was about 55 degrees this morning at 8! That is so awesome, I can't believe it!

Lots of the snow is gone, only the big snow drifts seem to be left and Spring is on the horizon! That is awesome!

How is everyone? Anything new and big? Awesome stories? Weekend adventures, any weekday wonders? I'm doing marvelous! This week has been fun and has just flown by. My companion was feeling a little sick so we were only able to work for a few hours everyday till he needed a break, but hey it was still fun! Haven't had any takers to hear our message, but they'll be there! They'll come! I'm sure of it! People are a lot nicer when it is warmer. Just saying.

Anyways, it feels so awesome here! Reminds me of California a bit, just I'm on the other end of the nation and the beaches aren't as big, but the traffic isn't anywhere near as bad, so that is good!

That is all I have this week! Have a wonderful week, and Read your Scriptures!

Elder Adams

How is everyone doing? Did you all watch General Conference? What'd you think about that? Any huge Mind blowing insights? New Inspirations and Ideals to attain?

I have had a pretty good week! We picked up a new investigator this week! That was awesome! Can't really think of much else. See I do a huge amount of things every week, but when it comes down to telling everyone about them, I can't think of anything to say! I swear I do stuff!

I've got some cool pictures of the coast! Those count right? We do a lot of walking and trying to talk to people and we do a fair amount of driving. It takes a while to get anywhere up here. I guess we just don't do anything that sticks out to me as amazing or incredible. Hmmm. Well, I can't think of anything else to say! Hope everyone has a good week! It's warming up here in Maine, but to all of you out west, don't get sun burnt. Stay safe and have fun!

Elder Adams