Monday, July 27, 2015

  My week has been pretty good, nothing really that big has happened. Oh wait! Yeah it has! We are teaching two new people here in the Cornish area! Wooh! It's great! How has your week been? Anything awesome? The two people we are teaching invited us in and fed us and everything. They talked with sister missionaries in Sweden! They are awesome! That was awesome! So cool! Hope everyone is doing well!

Elder Adams

He finally got to try lobster
  Hey everyone! How was your week? Been awesome? Anything super cool? We had a thunderstorm here last night. That was awesome! Haven't seen one for a very long time. First one since I've been in New England! Pretty crazy. Lightning all over the place. It was so cool.
  My new companion is Elder Reed, another Idahoan. Seems I'm getting a lot of these Elders. Anyways, this week was a pretty normal week for me. Knocking doors and working. So that was good. Any new things happening?
  I haven't got much to say this week, just wanting to testify of this quote from President Uchtdorf. "Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward." I know this is true. Courage and strength comes from being able to move forward no matter what. In one
of the Rocky movies he says it pretty well. Can't remember the exact quote, but, something along the lines of, "It's not about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward". It's amazing and I know that by using the atonement in our lives it
truly allows us to move forward. Not matter what trials come our way, we pick up and move forward. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Adams

  Well, this week was fun! How was yours? Mines been hot and humid! I had exchanges, worked for a couple days with another elder, and some service other the weekend. Pretty awesome. Had some members have us over for dinner, and we had 'beef' stew. Only in New England would they have stew/soup in the summer. So, once we had finished eating, Brother Thibodeau, asked us to guess what we had eaten, so I guessed Beef and so did my companion. Then he asked us, "you ready for this?" Then he paused as we waited, " that was bear." We flipped. That was way cool! Bear tastes pretty good!
  Then on Saturday we went to a ward service project in which we cut up this giant maple tree. So, we decided to maneuver some of them so the chainsaw could cut them so we didn't have too. So took a couple of us to lean a few of them where we needed them. Needless to say, I gained a nickname of the Ogre as a description for me because I was lifting some of them. Anyways I thought it would make a funny title to the email! So there you go!
  Those were the highlights of my week! How was yours? Enjoying the summer while it lasts? Hope everyone is doing okay! I know the church is true. Have an amazing week everyone!

Elder Adams

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How is everyone this week? Basically had the same week as last week, but we were able to work a little more. So, I don't really have much to say this week.

However, I would like to bear my testimony on an article from the July 2015 ensign, "filled with life and energy" it is all about early to bed and early to rise! I bear my witness that this principle is true! I have seen that over the course of my mission! Going to bed by 10:30 and being up by 6:30 has worked miracles! I'm more awake and alert and more open to the spirit and revelation than I ever have been. It is definitely hard at first, but it is worth it!

Have a good week everyone!
Elder Adams

Yup, that's right. I ended up in the Hospital yet again with my companion. This time my companion flew over his handles on his bike and crash landed onto the pavement breaking bones in both of his elbows and his left wrist. Oh joy. So basically I've been in the apartment since Wednesday. Just had the cast put onto his left arm, which is worse than his right, so now we can actually work a little bit this upcoming week!

Tuesday however was awesome! We had a great Zone Conference! Learned a ton from trainings by not only the Mission President, but also several in the Mission Presidency and others that had been assigned to speak. The spirit that is felt in the chapel with 50 plus missionaries is always reinvigorating and refreshing.

Anyways, we're nearly back into the season of splitting wood. Meaning that summer is just about over and it is going to get cold again. Great. I was kind of excited for it though. Here comes the winter! I really am just excited for the splitting. Makes you feel quite manly when you swing an axe into a chunk of wood! Anyways, that's all I have this week! The church is true everyone! Nothing can stop God's work from progressing!
Have a great week!
Hey hey everyone! How are you? Anything new going on? How was Father's Day for everyone? Anything big and exciting coming up this week? Anything that is worth sharing?
My week has been good. Spent a lot of time looking for less active members this week. We were able to tie up some loose ends. So that was good.

One really cool thing that happened this week for me, As my companion and I were walking down a street in the woods off the main road one day, I heard something rustle in the trees. And honestly that could mean anything from a chipmunk to an elephant. You can hide anything up here in the woods. You can't see more than five feet into them! Anyways, I didn't think anything of it so I keep walking. Seconds later, a deer bursts out of the tree line! It doesn't even look at us just bounces across the road into the other trees! It was like ten feet away from me! That was ridiculous! I've never been that close to one, alive that is. So that was cool! Other than that my week was just really fast!

I have marveled at the beauty of nature a lot this week. My companion and I were giving service at an elderly lady's house and I stopped a lot to take a picture of just random things, anything that caught my eye, from a giant tree to a tiny leaf. It is just so amazing the variety of God's creations! I know they were made by a loving God. He cares for each and every piece of the universe. That includes us. I testify that our Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, love us more than any of us can comprehend. Man is nothing compared to God, yet we are everything to him. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Adams
Talk to you all next week!