Tuesday, December 30, 2014

  Well! Christmas was a blast! Thanks for all the stuff y'all sent me! How was all of your's? I had about 4 meals that day. I didn't eat as much food, even during rugby season, as I have on my mission, I just never seem to be full! More meals the merrier! How has your week been? What have y'all got planned for the rest of the year?
Here's a nice question: What is your gift to the Savior going to be this coming year? 

My adventures this week consisted of tracting.
  A few days ago, around 430, mind you it gets dark by 445 most days, we were walking up a driveway and I looked up to see a black and white pit bull standing on the door step. My companion, Elder Harper, didn't see the dog, and kept walking. I told Elder Harper, "Hold on! Stop!" He looked at me confused and then turned around and kept walking forward, until he saw the dog. Then he was like, "Oh!" We started backing away, and then the dog started barking and sprinting at us! We kept backing up and it got real close to getting to Elder Harper. So naturally Elder Harper started yelling at it. It slipped on some ice and looked very confused/surprised that someone had said something back to him. We walked off down the street and every time we turned around he was still standing at the end of the driveway just looking confused. We've gotten a pretty good laugh out of that!
Anyways, hope y'all have a good week! 
Love ya and thanks for the Support!
Elder Adams
  Merry Christmas everyone! What do y'all have going on? What's your plans? Plenty of gifts and such?
  How's everyone been? Have you had a good week? I really don't have much to say, this week started out kinda rough, but it's flown by. Holy cow. My new companion is Elder Harper, he's pretty cool. We get along really well. Always great when that happens.

  What are y'all hoping for this coming Christmas? Specific toys? Possibly new electronics? Who knows? 
Have yourselves a merry little Christmas! 
Love y'all!
Elder Adams

Elder Harper

Sunday, December 21, 2014

  Well. Last week was very rough. We got snowed in. I was on exchange for 3 days. Roads were more slippery than a greased fish. Power was out for several days. (Now if they power is out up here, nothing works. No heat, no water, nothing). Feels like this transfer is going to be interesting.
  Now, I can tell you one thing for certain, Jesus Christ knows you. Heavenly Father knows you. He knows what you are going through and understands how you feel. I felt like I was very near the breaking point earlier this week. Going through things that I had never experienced. I prayed fervently for help, and understanding. I felt like Heavenly Father really, and truly, listened to that prayer. He has indeed helped me. He has blessed my life so much. I can't express how thankful I am to my Heavenly Father for all that He has done for me.

  We are in a continuous process of Heavenly Father's design. Only if we are being Obedient as he asked do things happen as he has said. Our Agency leads to other experiences that we go through. Heavenly Father in each of those helps us to learn why we should or should not make that choice. Which will help and which will hinder.

  I testify to you, that we having a Loving Heavenly Father. He is more concerned for you than anyone could ever be. He cares for you so much. Yet, He also knows that you need to learn and experience for yourself.
I love you all and I am so thankful for the support and the emails.

Elder Adams

  Who can believe that it has almost been 3 months since I stepped foot in the New England area. That is crazy.

  This week has been a blast. How has your weeks been? Not many adventure stories, but plenty of things happened this week. Way, way, way cold! Like in the teens cold. Like, this morning at 4:00 am, it was 4 degrees! At 10:00 it was barely 15! And it's only going to get colder! Wow. People live in this guys! They live here their whole lives! 

  Anyways, how has everything been? Anything awesome happen? How's the weather? Any interesting stories? Any questions? I really don't have much to talk about, I just go off of what I'm asked, so if you want to know something specific, ask it! 

Love y'all! 
Elder Adams

Always the artist...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alright! Holy Cow, 10 weeks already! That is ridiculous. How's everybody doing? Anything fun and exciting? Did I miss anything amazingly important? 

 Honestly, not much to tell y'all. We had three Thanksgiving dinners so that was crazy. Saw some really big dogs this week. One was a Rottweiler the size of a small bear then there was a Newfoundland dog which was also the size of a small bear. Both were crazy nice though so that was awesome. Rottweiler was just licking and licking and licking my church pants, and the Newfoundland dog just kinda rubbed up against me then went back inside. 

 Sorry, for the Short email, but we didn't have much to talk about this week! 

Here is a picture of the memorial that is all lit up for Christmas now! Hope you have a good week!

Love ya!
Elder Adams

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Now, I bring a very important question to the table here as I type this address. So please everyone, be honest in your response and tell me, 

Do you know the muffin man? 

Because, I mean, really, the muffin man has got to be able to make good pies as well, I mean he's a baker. Come on!

 Anyways, sorry for the random side track! How is everyone? I'm doing swell! Biggest thing about this week is probably that we're out of miles on our car. (For those that didn't know, Missionaries have mile limitations per month; can only drive a certain amount during that month.) So we walked about 13 miles towards the nearest town from where we are living, and tracted along the way. Guess how many doors we got to knock.

36. In 13 miles, we knocked 36 doors. If that ain't the boons, I don't know what is! 

Nothing much else. Sorry about the awkward day. We had Zone Interviews, got interviewed by the Mission President, so P-day got moved to today! Hope everything is going awesome with y'all. Hit me up if you have any questions or anything! Love to hear from you guys! 

Elder Adams

A note about the cows...
I MILKED A COW!!!! And I have a bunch of calf friends! I was feeding one milk out of a bucket, and once it was all gone, they start head butting! They have magnificent aim, and seem to know where it'll hurt you! Jumped like 5 feet in the air to avoid a head butt to my groin region. Oh and they enjoy eating shirts. That was strange.

I don't have a name for the one on the left; she is pretty calm and sleeps most of the time. The big one is a little pushy, I call it Ironhide. Not sure if it is a girl or guy. Then the one on the right I call Half. She is half Guernsey and half red-white Holstein.

This week, as usual, flew by. Sheesh. Like wow. Coulda sworn I was emailing y'all yesterday. So weird. Haven't gotten a lot of work done here. We moved to another apartment so that threw all our plans into the air and it came down like a deck of cards. 52 card pick-up anyone? Anyways, the week goes as it does. Nothing much really happened, oh wait. That's right. Everything up here is white. Kinda gray. It’s been raining all day and snowed last night so we have a lot of slush. 

How's everybody doing? Hope y'all are having fun and staying out of trouble. How's the weather? Cold? Or still blasting hot? I miss Mexican food. They have a Hispanic food section in the stores, as well as a Mexican food section. Hmmmmm. Oh well!

Have a good week! 

Elder Adams

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

  So this week was a little uneventful. We got some tracting in, a lot of tracting actually. Going around knocking doors. Knocked 56 doors in a few hours. We started keeping track. Had some interesting answers;

  One guy - Opened the door, said, "Dude, don't knock on my door." Then shut the door. 

  Another - Opened the door, we shared a little bit of our message, he said, "Oh. Well I practice witchcraft. I've been doing that for about three years and I'd rather not talk about it." Then he went back inside and closed the door. 

  Then the other - We knocked on the door maybe 30 minutes before as we were going down the street and no one answered. As we were walking back to our car, a guy pops his head out saying, "Hey did you knock on my door?" We said, "Yes." He then began, all while his daughter is crying in the background,  "Are you LDS? Cause I can't be Mormon. I have cousins that went on Missions. You have your faith I have mine. I can't be Mormon. I appreciate your message and what you guys do, but I can't be Mormon." He continued like that for a good 5 minutes and we just stood there saying, "Yup. Sure. We understand." He finally ended, “I have to go be attentive to my daughter." We agreed, then he kept talking!!! We're just finally like, "Hey you should probably go check on your daughter." He said, "Ya." and closed the door. 

 Other then that we've had a pretty basic week. Hope y’alls have been great! How is everybody doing? Great to here from everyone! Thanks for all the support! 

Love Elder Adams

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

  Man. This was way fast! I mean ridiculously crazy. Everyday goes by at a normal rate, some faster than others, some slower. Weeks fly by though. Could have sworn I just got out of the MTC. If my mission goes this fast then I guess I'll see ya tomorrow!
  Anyways, not a very eventful week. Saw Meet the Mormons on Tuesday. That movie was awesome! Loved the song at the end. Pretty awesome stories and everything during the movie. I really liked the one from Nepal and the Missionary Mom story was crazy awesome. I might sound a little apostate when I say this, sorry dad; I did enjoy the Navy Academy Football story. Ouch. That hurt. Navy and Football in the same sentence. Ugh. Air Force. Air Force. Rugby. Rugby. Okay. I'm better.

  I'm not getting transferred so I'm staying right where I am. Oh, I've recently been writing down all the battles, and contentions talked about in the Book of Mormon as I've been studying through it. Book of Omni, 6 accounts, in a 1 chapter book. That is crazy!

Hope y'all are doing well!
Elder Adams

  Alright! One more week down! Sorry trying to figure out the emails and stuff so seeing as this is the beginning of week 6 and if this is your first email, sorry about that. Welcome to my Missionary Life though!
  This week was pretty good! Went by way fast though! How is everything back home? Staying warm? I got used to the cold pretty quick, I'm in shorts and a t-shirt and it is maybe 45 degrees outside! How's school/work/retirement? (Pick one of the three, or all if that applies to you). Anyways, don’t be surprised if there starts to be pictures of snow on these. I know y'all New Mexicans don't know what snow is, neither do I. Montana had snow when I lived there, not like I really remember how cold it was though. I'm gonna freeze to death.

  Week was pretty busy, seemed like I went from one meeting to the next. Kind of hopping around like a giant rabbit, ya know? Didn't knock very many doors this week, except for Friday. Knocked a good few that day. We're actually starting to have appointments and stuff with either Members of the church or people who want to learn about the Gospel. It is crazy. First few weeks were nothing but door knocking; now it is starting to pick up a little!
  Church was fine. I think the ward is getting used to us by now. We've gotten a meal calendar going around, so now we have some dinner appointments which is nice! We will eventually be fed haha! Our transfers are this coming week. It'll be interesting I don't think we'll be moving, we're only here because one of the senior couples had to go home for medical reasons, we were thrown in as reinforcements and the plan is to stay till December.

  I've got to start getting up earlier. 6:30 isn't doing it for me. I don't have time to exercise and I'm really slow in the mornings, going to start getting up at 5:45, tell you how that turns out next week. I always worked out at night, when I have the most energy so that's what I've been doing, after planning of course.
  The work is going. J… is great! He's read the Book of Mormon, Jesus the Christ and basically, if the church published it he read it.

That's all this week! See ya!
Elder Adams

Monday, October 27, 2014

  This week has been fun! Lots of Meetings, meaning driving up to Essex, that's about an hour and a half north. The driving is long but ridiculously fun! A couple of the Senior Missionaries gave us rides there and back on Sunday and Saturday, (for our Adult Session of Stake Conference). Elder Zilles and I, plus the sister missionaries were all in the same car. We all get along great. It is way fun! Plus our other meetings with the bishop and district meetings, it's crazy.

 Rugby parable: Don't have anything to add now, but something might pop up so I'll add it up here when it comes. :)

 Have our first Investigator, a man named J... He found us too! He has read every church book ever! Jesus the Christ, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, all the Teachings of the Prophets books it is absolutely crazy! I'll get a picture with him soon.

 Hope everyone is having a good day! Love you and Miss all of you!

Elder Adams

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Flippin fish freezin weather up here! It was 39 degrees this morning, (right now). I was not made for this type of weather. There isn't any snow yet either. Just coldness. Oooh, it gonna be bad when there is snow. I'm gonna die!

Other than that weeks been good. We've had a few opportunities to teach some lessons. Which is great! People up here are stubborn, yet polite. That's nice. They say no, but they give us a reason why they said no. How has everything been down in the south? Better than up here? Y'all got to wear shorts and shirts when you go outside, or is it pants season yet? Anyways, hope everything is good! See ya!

Elder Adams

Ooh hoo! Big summer blowout!
  Seriously. It felt like summer a week ago. Now it's bone chillingly cold! How has everything been? How's school/work/fun times? Thanks for all the support and food!
  This week has been good and there have been plenty of people we've talked to. We've gotten a few people who are interested in the Gospel which is awesome. One is J...
  This week has been pretty good though. Plenty of meetings, but hey whatevs.  Went to Billings Farm last P-day, the guy who ran this also founded Billings, Montana. That was cool. My companion talked to the Farm Manager about cows for 30 minutes or so. So the Sisters (Sis. Erickson and Sis. Sumpsion) and Sis. Osborn (she drove us there) went on and looked at other things. I could not however. We eventually caught up to them though. THERE WERE SOME HUGE HORSES THERE C…!!!! HUGE!!! LIKE BIGGER THAN MOUNTAIN MAN!!! CHECK OUT THE PICTURE!!!! Other than that the week was pretty mild. Love all of you! Miss y'all!

Love Elder Adams

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

  Well. This week went by quick! All my Trainer and I have really been able to do is tract and street contact. (if you don't know what those are ask Chelsea). I've talked to many people and knocked on many doors. The end result seems to be the same however. We aren't really making in ground in the area. The ward loves the Sisters who have been here for a while, but they aren't really sure about us. The elders haven't been in this area for a long time. We went and chucked some wood into a ladies basement, painted a house, and gave tours at the Memorial. Other than that it’s been mostly a walking week. I feel this is quite like a scrum. Hard push at the beginning, but eventually it gives way and we get this monster rolling.

Let me set the scene, the overall game:

  One of the final games of the season. Soon the victors will be known of this league. The game has just begun and we're in the first few minutes. Neither team is really gaining ground, but the game goes on. Rucks contending, tacklers hurting, and lines have yet to be broken. The whole time we're testing the defense. We've come out with a heavy offense and slowed to a constant drilling at their line. The occasional kick sends the ball down field, but it is immediately bunted back. (Sounds like the beginning of a mighty contest). Soon we'll be engaging in Mauls and driving our way towards the try. A few members carry the entirety of the team. While the rest of the team just kinda sits back and watches. With the opposing team constantly pushing and driving us back. Ridding us of any gains we had made. Soon we will score our first try. Soon we will kick that conversion. Soon the team will act united. Soon we will be successful.

  The opposing team is a coordinated monster. They act as a team and drive as a team. Our coach whispers from the sidelines of how we can begin our advance. The assistants holler at us and tell us what we should do. Yet the team still seems to falter. Every step we conquering go. Delivering mighty hits, halting and slowing the cascade of this mighty team. However, no matter how many times we knock them down, no matter the number of bone crunching hits, they just pick themselves up and keep going. The team is acting as individual units on a wide field. The enemy delivers hits and atrocities that any good ref would call. High tackles and dangerous hits all around. The ref seems to be against us though. He calls fouls on us when nothing has happened. Allowing the other team to continue in their ways as long as they don't bother the referee. (He is probably getting bribed). With valiant players our team pulls together and presses against their opponents. We have few substitutes and they have many. They roll their subs, new players to push against every few minutes. We fight as hard as we can with our endurance keeping us afloat.

  We've been trained and guided by the best coach in the universe. He knows what we need to do, how we can accomplish our goals, and what position we need to play. Some of us He gives the mantle of a forward. With our incredible power we drive and tackle and break our opposition. Others He gives the crown of a back. With their great skill they are able to score and to set up a position well enough to keep the team rolling.

  Our Apostles and Prophet, there are 15 of them for a reason. 15 players on a rugby team. 15 Captains of our league. They guide and direct as taught and inspired to them from our coach.

  The leagues extend throughout the world. Our team started out as a small club. Nimbly bouncing from place to place, delivering scores and hits as an upcoming team, with great potential. Slowly yet surely our ranks have increased. Our Captains are constantly changing as old ones are called to assist the coach. Now the other teams surely have more, yet we are still a powerful league.

I'll continue next time. For now, Love you all!

Elder Adams
A familiar face from home...

Monday, September 29, 2014

  Not much to report. We shot gunned a new area. (Both new to the area). My Trainer is Elder Zilles, (German name pronounced: Zill and then the letter S) He is a dairy farmer and now I know about cows and cow stuff. We get along pretty well.
  Lots and lots of time in the day is spent studying. Oy vey. It’s hard with homework, but with this, it is nice and all but I can't keep my mind on what I'm reading. The same happened at the MTC.
  I'm in South Royalton Vermont. It is way cool up here. Fog in the morning and then the sun out all day the rest of it. Pretty good temperatures. I'm getting to work up at the Joseph Smith Memorial. Giving Tours and stuff. First pair of elders in a while to help in the area we are at. First ones in a longer time to be giving tours!!!! It is so awesome. I love the Spirit at this place. I gotta learn to play piano, just by the way.
  My Trainer has pointed out many times that I'm pretty slow, walking wise. I'm going at Noah speed. He goes 1000 miles an hour. He gets a pretty good laugh out of it. We run every morning. Oy. That be tiring. Anyways, it's all good here. The road goes ever ever on. (Dad should know that quote, from a certain Trilogy of movies that was animated that I used to watch all the time.) Hope all is going well! Love, Elder Adams

MTC pictures...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We got our first letters from Elder Adams on Tuesday. Here is a group letter he sent home... He also says that the MTC is cool but there are so many classes and restrictions! :0) As much as we miss him we know that he is going to be an awesome missionary!

from Elder Adams...
Hey y'all! I've been at the MTC for about a week now. It's cool but it seems to be pretty slow moving. Especially the first 3 days. Once it hit Sunday everything has been going much faster. I can't wait for getting out into the Mission Field! This is gonna be fun! It may seem like it's going to take forever but hey, work hard and it'll go by fast right? That's at least what everyone has told me.

If you guys wanna send letters or packages or whatever, i'm still at the MTC till this Sunday, flying out Monday morning at 3:30 am. Ouch. 

My Address: 
Elder Noah Jason Adams
Sep22 NH-MAN
2009 N 900 E Unit 154
Provo UT 84602

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

At 4 this morning. Just before we left for the airport...

Lunch at Firehouse Subs with the Rooneys
Drop off time...

One last picture before he heads in to the MTC.
We love you Elder Adams! Have a wonderful mission!!!