Sunday, November 30, 2014

This week, as usual, flew by. Sheesh. Like wow. Coulda sworn I was emailing y'all yesterday. So weird. Haven't gotten a lot of work done here. We moved to another apartment so that threw all our plans into the air and it came down like a deck of cards. 52 card pick-up anyone? Anyways, the week goes as it does. Nothing much really happened, oh wait. That's right. Everything up here is white. Kinda gray. It’s been raining all day and snowed last night so we have a lot of slush. 

How's everybody doing? Hope y'all are having fun and staying out of trouble. How's the weather? Cold? Or still blasting hot? I miss Mexican food. They have a Hispanic food section in the stores, as well as a Mexican food section. Hmmmmm. Oh well!

Have a good week! 

Elder Adams

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