Tuesday, November 11, 2014

  So this week was a little uneventful. We got some tracting in, a lot of tracting actually. Going around knocking doors. Knocked 56 doors in a few hours. We started keeping track. Had some interesting answers;

  One guy - Opened the door, said, "Dude, don't knock on my door." Then shut the door. 

  Another - Opened the door, we shared a little bit of our message, he said, "Oh. Well I practice witchcraft. I've been doing that for about three years and I'd rather not talk about it." Then he went back inside and closed the door. 

  Then the other - We knocked on the door maybe 30 minutes before as we were going down the street and no one answered. As we were walking back to our car, a guy pops his head out saying, "Hey did you knock on my door?" We said, "Yes." He then began, all while his daughter is crying in the background,  "Are you LDS? Cause I can't be Mormon. I have cousins that went on Missions. You have your faith I have mine. I can't be Mormon. I appreciate your message and what you guys do, but I can't be Mormon." He continued like that for a good 5 minutes and we just stood there saying, "Yup. Sure. We understand." He finally ended, “I have to go be attentive to my daughter." We agreed, then he kept talking!!! We're just finally like, "Hey you should probably go check on your daughter." He said, "Ya." and closed the door. 

 Other then that we've had a pretty basic week. Hope y’alls have been great! How is everybody doing? Great to here from everyone! Thanks for all the support! 

Love Elder Adams

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