Tuesday, November 4, 2014

  Man. This was way fast! I mean ridiculously crazy. Everyday goes by at a normal rate, some faster than others, some slower. Weeks fly by though. Could have sworn I just got out of the MTC. If my mission goes this fast then I guess I'll see ya tomorrow!
  Anyways, not a very eventful week. Saw Meet the Mormons on Tuesday. That movie was awesome! Loved the song at the end. Pretty awesome stories and everything during the movie. I really liked the one from Nepal and the Missionary Mom story was crazy awesome. I might sound a little apostate when I say this, sorry dad; I did enjoy the Navy Academy Football story. Ouch. That hurt. Navy and Football in the same sentence. Ugh. Air Force. Air Force. Rugby. Rugby. Okay. I'm better.

  I'm not getting transferred so I'm staying right where I am. Oh, I've recently been writing down all the battles, and contentions talked about in the Book of Mormon as I've been studying through it. Book of Omni, 6 accounts, in a 1 chapter book. That is crazy!

Hope y'all are doing well!
Elder Adams

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