Tuesday, November 4, 2014

  Alright! One more week down! Sorry trying to figure out the emails and stuff so seeing as this is the beginning of week 6 and if this is your first email, sorry about that. Welcome to my Missionary Life though!
  This week was pretty good! Went by way fast though! How is everything back home? Staying warm? I got used to the cold pretty quick, I'm in shorts and a t-shirt and it is maybe 45 degrees outside! How's school/work/retirement? (Pick one of the three, or all if that applies to you). Anyways, don’t be surprised if there starts to be pictures of snow on these. I know y'all New Mexicans don't know what snow is, neither do I. Montana had snow when I lived there, not like I really remember how cold it was though. I'm gonna freeze to death.

  Week was pretty busy, seemed like I went from one meeting to the next. Kind of hopping around like a giant rabbit, ya know? Didn't knock very many doors this week, except for Friday. Knocked a good few that day. We're actually starting to have appointments and stuff with either Members of the church or people who want to learn about the Gospel. It is crazy. First few weeks were nothing but door knocking; now it is starting to pick up a little!
  Church was fine. I think the ward is getting used to us by now. We've gotten a meal calendar going around, so now we have some dinner appointments which is nice! We will eventually be fed haha! Our transfers are this coming week. It'll be interesting I don't think we'll be moving, we're only here because one of the senior couples had to go home for medical reasons, we were thrown in as reinforcements and the plan is to stay till December.

  I've got to start getting up earlier. 6:30 isn't doing it for me. I don't have time to exercise and I'm really slow in the mornings, going to start getting up at 5:45, tell you how that turns out next week. I always worked out at night, when I have the most energy so that's what I've been doing, after planning of course.
  The work is going. J… is great! He's read the Book of Mormon, Jesus the Christ and basically, if the church published it he read it.

That's all this week! See ya!
Elder Adams

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