Tuesday, October 7, 2014

  Well. This week went by quick! All my Trainer and I have really been able to do is tract and street contact. (if you don't know what those are ask Chelsea). I've talked to many people and knocked on many doors. The end result seems to be the same however. We aren't really making in ground in the area. The ward loves the Sisters who have been here for a while, but they aren't really sure about us. The elders haven't been in this area for a long time. We went and chucked some wood into a ladies basement, painted a house, and gave tours at the Memorial. Other than that it’s been mostly a walking week. I feel this is quite like a scrum. Hard push at the beginning, but eventually it gives way and we get this monster rolling.

Let me set the scene, the overall game:

  One of the final games of the season. Soon the victors will be known of this league. The game has just begun and we're in the first few minutes. Neither team is really gaining ground, but the game goes on. Rucks contending, tacklers hurting, and lines have yet to be broken. The whole time we're testing the defense. We've come out with a heavy offense and slowed to a constant drilling at their line. The occasional kick sends the ball down field, but it is immediately bunted back. (Sounds like the beginning of a mighty contest). Soon we'll be engaging in Mauls and driving our way towards the try. A few members carry the entirety of the team. While the rest of the team just kinda sits back and watches. With the opposing team constantly pushing and driving us back. Ridding us of any gains we had made. Soon we will score our first try. Soon we will kick that conversion. Soon the team will act united. Soon we will be successful.

  The opposing team is a coordinated monster. They act as a team and drive as a team. Our coach whispers from the sidelines of how we can begin our advance. The assistants holler at us and tell us what we should do. Yet the team still seems to falter. Every step we conquering go. Delivering mighty hits, halting and slowing the cascade of this mighty team. However, no matter how many times we knock them down, no matter the number of bone crunching hits, they just pick themselves up and keep going. The team is acting as individual units on a wide field. The enemy delivers hits and atrocities that any good ref would call. High tackles and dangerous hits all around. The ref seems to be against us though. He calls fouls on us when nothing has happened. Allowing the other team to continue in their ways as long as they don't bother the referee. (He is probably getting bribed). With valiant players our team pulls together and presses against their opponents. We have few substitutes and they have many. They roll their subs, new players to push against every few minutes. We fight as hard as we can with our endurance keeping us afloat.

  We've been trained and guided by the best coach in the universe. He knows what we need to do, how we can accomplish our goals, and what position we need to play. Some of us He gives the mantle of a forward. With our incredible power we drive and tackle and break our opposition. Others He gives the crown of a back. With their great skill they are able to score and to set up a position well enough to keep the team rolling.

  Our Apostles and Prophet, there are 15 of them for a reason. 15 players on a rugby team. 15 Captains of our league. They guide and direct as taught and inspired to them from our coach.

  The leagues extend throughout the world. Our team started out as a small club. Nimbly bouncing from place to place, delivering scores and hits as an upcoming team, with great potential. Slowly yet surely our ranks have increased. Our Captains are constantly changing as old ones are called to assist the coach. Now the other teams surely have more, yet we are still a powerful league.

I'll continue next time. For now, Love you all!

Elder Adams

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