Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ooh hoo! Big summer blowout!
  Seriously. It felt like summer a week ago. Now it's bone chillingly cold! How has everything been? How's school/work/fun times? Thanks for all the support and food!
  This week has been good and there have been plenty of people we've talked to. We've gotten a few people who are interested in the Gospel which is awesome. One is J...
  This week has been pretty good though. Plenty of meetings, but hey whatevs.  Went to Billings Farm last P-day, the guy who ran this also founded Billings, Montana. That was cool. My companion talked to the Farm Manager about cows for 30 minutes or so. So the Sisters (Sis. Erickson and Sis. Sumpsion) and Sis. Osborn (she drove us there) went on and looked at other things. I could not however. We eventually caught up to them though. THERE WERE SOME HUGE HORSES THERE C…!!!! HUGE!!! LIKE BIGGER THAN MOUNTAIN MAN!!! CHECK OUT THE PICTURE!!!! Other than that the week was pretty mild. Love all of you! Miss y'all!

Love Elder Adams

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