Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alright! Holy Cow, 10 weeks already! That is ridiculous. How's everybody doing? Anything fun and exciting? Did I miss anything amazingly important? 

 Honestly, not much to tell y'all. We had three Thanksgiving dinners so that was crazy. Saw some really big dogs this week. One was a Rottweiler the size of a small bear then there was a Newfoundland dog which was also the size of a small bear. Both were crazy nice though so that was awesome. Rottweiler was just licking and licking and licking my church pants, and the Newfoundland dog just kinda rubbed up against me then went back inside. 

 Sorry, for the Short email, but we didn't have much to talk about this week! 

Here is a picture of the memorial that is all lit up for Christmas now! Hope you have a good week!

Love ya!
Elder Adams

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