Monday, September 29, 2014

  Not much to report. We shot gunned a new area. (Both new to the area). My Trainer is Elder Zilles, (German name pronounced: Zill and then the letter S) He is a dairy farmer and now I know about cows and cow stuff. We get along pretty well.
  Lots and lots of time in the day is spent studying. Oy vey. It’s hard with homework, but with this, it is nice and all but I can't keep my mind on what I'm reading. The same happened at the MTC.
  I'm in South Royalton Vermont. It is way cool up here. Fog in the morning and then the sun out all day the rest of it. Pretty good temperatures. I'm getting to work up at the Joseph Smith Memorial. Giving Tours and stuff. First pair of elders in a while to help in the area we are at. First ones in a longer time to be giving tours!!!! It is so awesome. I love the Spirit at this place. I gotta learn to play piano, just by the way.
  My Trainer has pointed out many times that I'm pretty slow, walking wise. I'm going at Noah speed. He goes 1000 miles an hour. He gets a pretty good laugh out of it. We run every morning. Oy. That be tiring. Anyways, it's all good here. The road goes ever ever on. (Dad should know that quote, from a certain Trilogy of movies that was animated that I used to watch all the time.) Hope all is going well! Love, Elder Adams


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