Monday, July 27, 2015

  Well, this week was fun! How was yours? Mines been hot and humid! I had exchanges, worked for a couple days with another elder, and some service other the weekend. Pretty awesome. Had some members have us over for dinner, and we had 'beef' stew. Only in New England would they have stew/soup in the summer. So, once we had finished eating, Brother Thibodeau, asked us to guess what we had eaten, so I guessed Beef and so did my companion. Then he asked us, "you ready for this?" Then he paused as we waited, " that was bear." We flipped. That was way cool! Bear tastes pretty good!
  Then on Saturday we went to a ward service project in which we cut up this giant maple tree. So, we decided to maneuver some of them so the chainsaw could cut them so we didn't have too. So took a couple of us to lean a few of them where we needed them. Needless to say, I gained a nickname of the Ogre as a description for me because I was lifting some of them. Anyways I thought it would make a funny title to the email! So there you go!
  Those were the highlights of my week! How was yours? Enjoying the summer while it lasts? Hope everyone is doing okay! I know the church is true. Have an amazing week everyone!

Elder Adams

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