Sunday, August 7, 2016

Multiple things to start off with real quick.
1. I'm sending an email to basically all the contacts I have. Let's
see what happens.
2. I'm staying in Montpelier VT for my last transfer, but I'm getting
another new companion. That makes it four, in one area. This is crazy.
3. Nothing goes faster than a mission. Maybe.

  Anyways, holy cow. Transfers are happening again, and it looks like I'll be in Montpelier VT for the rest of my mission! Should be awesome! How was your week? Anything fun or exciting?
Two awesome things. One some investigators came to church, we invited them, they said maybe and then showed up! That was awesome! Also, my trainer came to church too! What! Elder Zilles, my very first companion who went home when he was down training me, came back! What! That was crazy!
  Had an awesome exchange this week, went up to the Lyndon area. That was awesome. Met a few of their investigators and recent converts and also had dinner at a members. That was fun. They had a chain mail shirt that he had made, and the missionaries wear it and take
pictures. So, so did I! I couldn't stop smiling, I was trying to be a calm and cool and collected, but it didn't work.
  Also! Last weekend, I got in a pool! My companion and I helped baptize a man who is an amputee and it was awesome. The weather outside was storming and it cleared up just around the pool and the area we were in for a little bit for the baptism. I didn't know a member was taking the picture so I wasn't looking, but still looks cool nonetheless!
  My week has been pretty awesome! Have a great week everyone!
Elder Adams

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