Sunday, August 7, 2016

 Hey everybody, how is everything going? I'm doing okay, we've been super busy with this past week. We had our MLC then our Zone Interviews, on top of that travel and several other things just making this week pretty packed. Nothing super exciting, except for my Mission President. He's always excited and ready to work. It's pretty awesome.
  Anything cool go on during your week? I've been having some fun here. We recently got back in contact with a few of our investigators and are now teaching them again! It's pretty awesome!
President Blair, during my interview with him, asked me to set a few goals for the remainder of my mission on things I want to accomplish. That's a steep task, because I'm horrible at setting personal goals. I've got loads to work on, but I don't know how to make those into something measurable that I can see progress in and then achieve. I know that if we go to God for direction He'll help us though. Sometimes it's hard to believe that, sometimes it's hard to believe that God is listening and wants to help us. Sometimes it's hard to believe that He is even there, but He is there and does want to help us. He knows what will be for our benefit. Even when it feels like the Heavens have shut and He isn't listening to your prayer, know that God is there. He is our Loving Heavenly Father. He'll never let anything go too far that He can't help us fix. You gain a testimony of a lot of things being on a mission. Because of experiences I've had, I know that God is there even if it doesn't feel like He is. He is just waiting for us to turn around sometimes. He is ever present and ready to guide us along the way. It's incredible what God can do! Nothing is beyond Him. I know that.
  Have a great week everyone!
Elder Adams
Here's a picture of the soccer players the morning of MLC!

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