Tuesday, January 5, 2016

 Hey everyone! What's going on this week? Anything exciting! Enjoying the snow? How was your Christmas? My Christmas was great! I got to skype with my family, and only cried a little.
 We did finally get snow up here, and it looks like this one is the one's that will stay. It's only around 20 degrees right now. Several people are excited, but most seem to be okay if the snow melts away!
 My week was good though! One of the best things this week was a lesson we taught to a couple of members after a meal appointment. We've started teaching some members
the discussions again, and it's been pretty awesome! With this one time we were teaching about Joseph Smith, and the First Vision. After explaining about the Great Apostasy and how Joseph Smith didn't know what church to join, and decided to pray and ask which Church was the right one, and I barely was able to say that Joseph Smith didn't expect or know what was going to happen, and I started crying. That's all I seem to do now. Is just cry. As I teach District Meetings, lessons, all the time. I became a District Leader, and they didn't
tell me that I was going to cry all the time. Oh well. It's spiritual definitely, but I'm such a boob now. It's just ridiculous. 

 Anyways, this Church is true, I know it! Joseph Smith was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true and is the key to knowing whether or not Joseph Smith is a prophet, or if the church is true! Have a great week!

Elder Adams

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