Tuesday, January 5, 2016

 Woah, it's almost Christmas? Wow! That's incredible! This year went by so fast! I'm sure everyone else felt that to! Couldn't be just me right?
 Well, this week flew by, of course. We did get some snow, but again that all melted away. White Christmas? Maybe in our dreams haha! Who knows though! Snow could come at any moment! How has your week been? Anything new or exciting? I feel I ask that question a lot. This week we, my companion and I gave a talk in sacrament, together. That was kinda weird really had to make sure the transitions were good. We talked at the same time and shared a message on the Spirit of Christmas! 

 We've of course done our missionary work and I've truly seen people open up more to a message about Christ at this time of year! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! The church is true! Jesus Christ is our Savior and was born that we may live! Forever! I know it!
 Have a great week everyone and enjoy this time of year! Also, thank you for the Christmas wishes that I've received it means a lot!

Elder Adams

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