Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 Happy Mother's Day everyone! I had a great Sunday doing that! How was your week? Anything cool or exciting happen? 

 We had an awesome Zone Meeting, all the missionaries in the zone got together and the Sister Training Leaders and us, the Zone Leaders, taught the missionaries. During that we were also having interviews with President Stoker. We're getting a new Mission President soon. It's pretty weird. Elder Poe is getting transferred, and I'm getting a new companion, Elder Wattenburger. He's a pretty awesome Elder. I've been on exchange with him before. This transfer should be a good one! 

 It's been fun this week. Lots of cool stuff coming up Elder Rasband  is coming to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission, and we are having a Mission Conference. That should be awesome! 

 I'm doing well, just so you know! Thanks for all the support! God loves us and is our literal Father in Heaven. If you ever need guidance or need someone to vent to or just need someone to help you, go to Him. Pray to him, He will answer your prayers, He will guide you. He loves you, I know it! Of this I promise and testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Adams

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