Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 Well, my new companion is Elder Wattenburger. He's from Burbank Washington. Eastern side of Washington. The desert side. This past week has been way fun. 
 This week, I don't even know. It went by so fast, and there were loads of cool things! We've had several opportunities to do some service. That's always fun. We helped a lady move out of her house. That was fun. Missionaries like doing service. It's fun. 
 Anything cool happen this past week? Anything enormously fun?
 This Sunday we had our ward conference, so the Stake Presidency and other Stake leaders taught about the importance of meaningful Sabbath Day worship. It was pretty cool. The phrase that I think of when I try to think about church is, 'You get out what you put in.' Meaning that if you go looking to be bored, you'll be bored. If you go looking to be enlightened, you'll have something during the meetings on Sunday that'll stick out to you. I know that and I promise that!
 Have a great week!

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