Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 Well, this week was a blur. It was awesome though. Went on exchange, went and tore down some peoples walls! Literally. We went and broke down some of the dry wall at this guy's house because he is renovating it. It was way fun. 
 Funny story about them. It's a couple that are engaged, and she came up to us at Walmart and asked us about where the church was and what time it started and everything. We were shocked! No one ever does that! Turns out she is a Member who hasn't been to church in a while! So, we went over and started helping at their house. First we painted and took the carpet out of the upstairs, and then later, when we had four elders due to exchange, broke down some walls in the basement! Woo! That was awesome. 
 This morning we went on an awesome hike. It's all pretty great! I'm doing well and I'm loving it here! Have a great week everyone! I know the church is true! Have an awesome week!

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