Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wow has the time flown! There is no way it has been 4 months!

How have y'all been? How was your week? It got down to -20 degrees here one day earlier this week and now it is snowing! Woo! Going to be a fun time this coming week! It is supposed to drop down into the negative degrees for several days! Sheesh!

Other than the weather forecast, we've been able to find some people who were investigating the church that stopped, mostly because we couldn't contact them! It's great to have found them though! We have one baptism coming up, (hopefully) on the 24th and possibly another one. We just have to have a time to sit down with the guy and discuss a date and time and all that jazz!

My week totally flew by! Don't remember half of it! My companion is French speaking, so we have an hour of language study for him to keep learning French. He is trying to teach me, and I understand a little, I can kinda have a very brief conversation with him, if he talks very slowly and gives me time to translate out loud! It is pretty fun though! We're having a blast!

I want to tell all of you, that you never need be alone. I've discovered that on my mission so far. Sometimes when we feel we need to be strong and carry on by ourselves are the moments when Jesus Christ is right there to catch us as we break down. I testify to you that it is okay to ask for help. Never feel like you are alone or that no one cares about your problems, or that no one understands or thinks they are important enough. There is one who always will, and always does. "The Son of Man hath descended below them all." D&C 122:8. I testify that he did that, so that you and I, and everyone in the entire world can see that, there is one who is there for you. Don't deny him his calling. He has descended so far, so that he can lift us up!

Love y'all!

Elder Adams

Elder Harper...

Oh, and a nice little sunset in Misty Vermont!

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