Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Here we go everyone! This is gonna be great! I'm still here in South Royalton VT!

How is everyone? How has your day been? Week? 
I heard y'all got some snow over the week? How was that? We have a big snow storm, named 'Juno' coming in. That should be fun, basically the entire mission is grounded. Nobody can drive their cars, too big of a risk. Should be fun! Lots of snow shoveling! We heard we'll get anywhere from 12" to 18" of snow! That'll be crazy! 

We didn't really have much of anything happen this week. We tracted a lot. Knocking a lot of doors, but no one is ever interested. Our car is in the shop so we've been walking for about a week now.

 Hope everything is going well! Great to hear from all of you! Hope you all have a fantastic day! What are you're plans for this week? Can y'all believe it is almost February 2015? Wow! Time flies! Oh, and some pictures, I was admonished by one of you, who shall remain nameless (Elder Tulmau, cough, cough). Anyways that is all I have! Love y'all! Have a wonderful day!

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