Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hey everybody! Sorry I missed a week! Our cars were grounded and we mostly missed P-day! However, this week we're also grounded currently! But we were determined to email! So, guess what. We walked. Uphill, 5 miles. In the Snow. In the Cold. Hey! It builds character, as my trainer would say. 

Well, this past couple of weeks has been good. I don't really remember much of it. Time truly does fly by on your Mission. Can't believe that tomorrow is my 5 month mark. Holy moly. Feels like yesterday I got on the plane to go to Utah! What is going on here! 

How have y'all been the past couple of weeks? Everybody been safe? Anything amazing and interesting happening soon? How is everyone's new year's resolutions going? Forgotten or still there? 

Some cool news from our Zone Meeting on Thursday is that we are having a mission wide conference! All the Missionaries in the Mission are going to meet at a Stake Center and there a couple General Authorities coming out! It is awesome! 

Oh, and by the way, if you are planning on sending letters or anything like that, address it to Elder Noah Adams. There is  another Elder Adams in this mission. So, just in case!

That's all I have! Thanks for the support and the emails!
Elder Adams
 They got stuck...
 Random peacock...

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