Monday, February 8, 2016

 Well, this week went by fast. I'm doing good. How is everyone else doing? My week has been pretty good, and we've been teaching a lot of people. We have a couple of investigators who are progressing very well, and one of them should be baptized soon! It's amazing how the Lord prepares people!

Also, thanks for the questions, it'll help for me to have something to talk about for those who do read this!
Here's a few answers! 
What is your favorite food there? 
 My favorite food definitely has to be a dessert, Apple Crisp. It is so good. Ah, man. I can't even explain it, but you put some french vanilla ice cream on top of the apple crisp and oh. It is the best thing ever!
Where will you go to school when you get back? 
 I'm planning on going to NMSU.
What is your favorite topic to teach? 
 My favorite topic to teach, is either the First Vision, and testifying of Joseph Smith. Or, testifying of the Atonement. I feel the Spirit so strongly both times. It's really hard to pick which one is the "favorite".

That's about it this week! I'm sorry that I never have much to say! 

Elder Adams

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