Monday, February 8, 2016

 Hey everyone! I'm doing great! How are you? How was your week? Anything cool or exciting happen for you? Another week has just come and gone for me, and I do have a couple of adventures for you this week.

Note: No one (being me) was seriously harmed in the making of these events.

 This week there have been a couple of things that have happened with some dogs. The first one, we were helping these dog sled racers, get to the start line of their races. So after hooking up anywhere from 6-10 dogs on lines that stretch out from the front of the sled, they were all very energetic. So much so that even though the sled was usually tied to something incredibly heavy, i.e. A car or a telephone pole, they were pulling with all their might to just get going. They were jumping and hopping as much as they could.  So I was helping with
one of these, and there was snow on the ground and I wasn't wearing boots, and my shoes have little to no traction left on them, so when the dogs pulled I started sliding along trying to get some footing. They drove for the start line and several of us were holding back on
these dogs as to slow them down, and then one of the particularly hyper ones who was jumping all around next to me decided to jump at my feet. I didn't want to hurt him, so I pulled my leg back. Then my other foot was in the air and I slammed down onto the snow/ice and got drug a few yards the rest of the way to the start line. My side was a
little sore for a bit, but the only thing that really got hurt was my pride, so I guess that's okay.
 The other one, is less exciting. We were tracting and we knocked on a door, a man came to answer it and he had a small dog barking at his feet that he bent down to hold on to. Just then, a bigger dog comes flying out of the door way and bites my hand! Not cool! He didn't
really get me, just enough to gum me I guess. Pretty ridiculous.
 Other than that I've had a good week! I had an interview with my mission president, he did talk a little bit about me going home. Ah, it's feeling more and more real and it's very weird.  My companion and I have been trucking away at our missionary work here though, we've
had several lessons which have been great and we've met loads of people. Even in the strangely warm winter months there are always new people to talk to.
 Have a great week everyone! God loves us and wants us back! He's given us Jesus Christ to point our way back. I know that is true! See ya!
Elder Adams

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