Monday, March 28, 2016

 Well, I'm not getting transferred! I'm staying in Dover as a District Leader for at least one more transfer. Elder Byers, not so much. He is going all the way down to Rutland Vermont. Pretty crazy! My new companion will  be Elder Owens, he is a Spanish Speaking missionary, so who knows, this is my second Spanish speaking companion so maybe I'll learn Spanish by the end of my mission!

 This week has been good. How has your week been? Anything cool? Exciting? Boring? 

 I really get stumped when it comes to these e-mails, I'm not sure what to talk about. But, Hey. Here's my week in summary. Lots of walking, talking and preaching and teaching. That's it! Have a great week everyone! 

 Nah, I'm just kidding I'll talk a little more than that. One of the cool things this week, was District Meeting. We have a weekly meeting where a group of missionaries, a district, get together and study and discuss how to more effectively help those around us, the members of the church, people who aren't members, etc. The District Leader, (me), teaches the  main topics and leads the discussions. So this week, I was teaching and it didn't feel like the lesson that we all needed to have and needed to hear. So, as a District Leader, and as a missionary over-all, we desperately try and pay attention to the promptings of the Spirit. So a prompting from the Spirit came to mind in the form of a question, to ask about who was nervous about transfers. So when I followed that prompting, basically stopping mid sentence and asked who was nervous, almost everyone raised their hands, including me! So that's when we stopped the lesson and just talked about what everyone felt and what was going through our minds at that point. It was good. It calmed me down, and everyone else said they felt better and that they thought the meeting was good. So, how can I apply this better? Teach the people, not just the lesson. Sometimes we have a dramatic change in what we teach, and sometimes we just need to talk. Following the Spirit will never lead us astray. I know God lives and loves us. He reaches out to us through those whom he has called to lead and guide us. Jesus Christ lives. His Atonement reaches everyone. Trusting Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, will lead us to heights we never thought we could reach. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Have a great week everyone! Trust God. I'll write something else next week!  


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