Monday, March 28, 2016

Woah. This week was just awesome.
 Our investigator Noah, he got baptized by his dad on Saturday. That was incredible. It was a little stressful that day, an appointment that went way too long, we got called on for a blessing, and a few other things made me feel pretty stressed. It's okay though, not that any of the experiences that day were bad, just made me feel a little overwhelmed. I gained a better testimony of prayer that day. I prayed on and off throughout the whole day that everything would work out. It did. It always does, God watches out for us and the rest of His children. When we reach out to Him, we realize that He's always had His hand reached out to us.
 The rest of my week, Elder Owens and I have tried working hard. We've been out knocking doors and talking to everyone we meet, that'll give us a chance. Haha, no we try talking to everyone! The more people we talk to the more we have a chance to help someone out. That's one of the things I love as a missionary, we just reach out to help everyone! And some people take us up on that offer, I've helped people move, split wood, paint their houses, rake leaves, shovel snow, loads of stuff! It's always worth it!

How was your week? Anything cool? Exciting and new?
You're all great! I talk to you later! Gotta go!
Elder Adams

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