Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hey everyone! How has the past week been? How is this week going by so far? Any plans? Any awesome events? I'm doing good up here in Machias! This week has been okay, not the best, but it's never going to be the best. It will always just keep getting better and better! And after  a seven hour car ride to Manchester New Hampshire, I've got a new companion now! Elder Hill from.... Utah! Oh man, it's like that's where all the Mormons are from! (Or so they think here in New England, and probably everywhere else in the world too, I wouldn't know). He is specifically from Spanish Fork, if any of you know where that is. He's about 6' 4". So, taller than me. We get along pretty well, and we're both determined to work hard this upcoming transfer! Then a seven hour car drive to get back. So, during this week, we travelled almost to Canada. We have in our area an island. Well actually we have multiple islands, but this island (depicted in the second picture) is Campobello Island. It's in
Canada's jurisdiction, as you can see we Almost go to it, had there not be a checkpoint for border regulations we totally would have gone! The fall colors are getting very vivid here! It's pretty awesome, and way beautiful. Not much else really, I know the church is true
everyone! Live well, Laugh often, Work hard, and Play hard. (And when occasion permits, nap even harder). Have a great week everyone!

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