Saturday, October 3, 2015

 Hey everyone! How are you today? How was your week? Anything cool happen? Or happening soon? 
 All the way out here in Machias we have a packed week! We've set up a few appointments with members, active and less active, and that has pretty much filled our week, so most of it will be visits, and then working in the local area of the members! Other than that we had a zone conference last week! That was awesome! All the missionaries in Maine met in Augusta, at the chapel there, and learned a ton, and discussed a lot, about the Book of Mormon and other things.  It is way cool to be able to see everyone again. We also did this thing, called Book of Mormon trailers. Only about 1-2 minutes long where you pick a scene from the Book of Mormon and with a few props you have to act it out in the way a movie trailer would be! It was way fun! I recommend it for a youth activity or family home evening or whatever! It is way fun!
 As I said we've got a busy week, and that came after a prompting from the Holy Ghost! I know Heavenly Father watches over us, and that he sends the Spirit to prompt us to help us do what he knows will help us and help others the most! Have a good week everyone! 

Elder Adams


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