Monday, March 30, 2015

Wow! Time is flying by! And it's warming up! Woohoo! Short Sleeve weather here we come! It isn't consistently below zero anymore! Spring is on its way in!

How is everyone doing? Any huge news? Everything about the same? Cool stories or experiences?

If not, that's okay, I didn't really have any awesome stories or anything either. Just a normal week of trying to talk to people about the Gospel. Biggest thing I've noticed is that the people we talk to don't see what they're missing! It's just crazy! Kind of sad every time someone says that they're not interested. However, that just means they're not ready for it yet! It'll come soon enough for them!

I don't have much this week, although I've noticed I never really have that much, but have a good day/week everyone!


Elder Adams

 Low tide
 High tide

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