Monday, May 25, 2015

Bees that buzz, kids who blow dandelion fuzz, and I'll be doing whatever snow does in suummmmmmer... Sorry, just a friendly "Frozen" quote of the day.
How is everyone? I'm doing swell this Memorial Day! What are everyone's plans? Barbecues? Hanging with friends and family? Great plans! We've recently gotten iPads in our mission so they'll be great tool for missionary work and a blast to have! Watch out for the selfies. They'll probably come. Just saying.
How's the week been? Anything cool happened? Anything journal worthy? Anything 'tell Elder Adams, even though he's two thousand miles away' happening?
This week has been interesting for me.
Monday: Zone Interviews, spent all day with other missionaries getting
trained and also meeting with the President.
Tuesday: P-day/ driving to where we were going to stay the night in Maine.
Wednesday: Mission Wide training in Exeter NH for the iPads/ driving
home. (Several long hours in a car).
Thursday: normal missionary day.
Friday: also normal missionary day.
Saturday and Sunday: stayed in the apartment because my companion was
sick days.

As I said, it's been interesting. Anyways, that was the summary of my week! Y'all are awesome! Have a marvelous week!

Elder Adams
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