Friday, May 1, 2015

Hey! How is everyone doing? I'm doing awesome!
So, this week on my mission....
Let's start off with Tuesday, awesome Zone Meeting, then exchange. Whilst on the exchange in my area, get a phone call from my actual companion saying that he and our District Leader are going to the Hospital. Due to abdominal pain. So we followed. Ended up waiting for a couple of hours and then went back to the apartment with my exchange companion. Then at about 1 in the morning, my companion and our district leader show up from the hospital with results that say nothing is wrong. What the heck.
Then Saturday, we went to an Island. Walked around it for an hour or so, realized that we wouldn't get much work done. So, we turned around and walked to the ferry to take us back to the mainland. As I reached for my ticket, I found that nothing was there. I lost it. I almost got my companion and I stuck/stranded on an Island. Luckily, my companion was generous enough to buy me a ticket to get back to the Main(e)land.
You know, the Spirit works in interesting ways. He flat out told me that I'd lose my ticket if I put it in my back pocket. I reasoned with myself that that wouldn't happen and I was just worrying. Then boom it was gone. So, anyways, the Spirit is the Comforter, but also a voice of warning. Heed it. I testify of the Power of the Holy Ghost. He is real, and he is there to help you. Just like your Heavenly Father, and older brother Jesus Christ is there to help you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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